The inspiration for the Marian Center for Christ was planted as a very small seed by Our Blessed Mother. Under the spiritual direction of Monsignor Marren and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the vision has grown into a unique Catholic Evangelization Center that will be unlike any other center in the world and is consistent with the Church’s call for the New Evangelization.


Throughout history, the Blessed Virgin Mary has played a vital role in promoting the work of her Son Jesus. Our mandate is to join with her, and under her guidance, to support her in this mission. The Marian Center for Christ will do this in unique and distinct ways from other centers.

  •  A separate Chapel will be built as the cornerstone of the Center
  • Center will embrace the Universality of the Church providing information on the treasures of the Catholic faith (i.e. Mass, sacraments, devotions, Marian apparitions, Eucharistic miracles, and much more)
  • Retreats and conferences with dynamic speakers
  • Movie theater providing spiritually enriching films
  • Pilgrimages to various sites of interest around the world
  • Wide array of Religious Orders will be promoted
  • Center is and will always remain under Obedience to the Church and its priestly representatives
  • Upon completion of being built, intention is to have Religious Order take over Center
  • Center is dedicated to complimenting the work of the Church in Its call to the New Evangelization

Open to all people, the Marian Center for Christ will be a catalyst in helping to sustain the spiritual growth of the community. The Center will truly be a Spring of Renewal! Its physical facilities will be mainly comprised by two buildings.

Building 1

With Christ as the cornerstone of the Marian Center for Christ, a unique and beautiful Chapel consecrated to the Lord through the Blessed Mother, will be the first building constructed in the project. The Chapel will seat approximately 250 people and will be located adjacent to the Catholic Evangelization Center building. It will also have a lower level. The chapel can be utilized for retreats, conferences, meetings, and other spiritual renewal activities.

The Chapel will be named MARY, QUEEN OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. This title manifests a truth which has been affirmed since antiquity by the piety of the faithful, and taught by the Magisterium of the Church (cf Pius XII, Encyclical, Ad caeli Reginam, 11 October 1954). It is a name that has not ever been used in any Church in the world.

The Chapel will also contain several side altar like areas inside the building featuring some of the better known Titles of the Blessed Mother. A life size official replica of The Virgin of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas, which has been touched to the Original Image in the Basilica in Mexico City has already been donated for this Chapel.

Building 2
Catholic Evangelization Center
A Place of Catechesis and Evangelization

This Catholic Evangelization Center will be unlike any other Catholic center in the world. It will be a learning and devotional Center with various rooms offering you short videos on the teachings of the Catholic faith, such as the Holy Mass, the Sacraments, various Catholic devotions and other aspects of the Catholic faith. There will be designated interactive learning centers and various materials made available to further your interest.

Educational Rooms

Information will be presented in individualized rooms allowing visitors to go from room to room, at their own pace, in order to learn much more about the Catholic faith. They will have the opportunity to view different informative videos that will be played in each room, as well as learn from pictures and literature made available. The information will be presented in a manner which will help captivate, invite and induce visitors to open their hearts to the Love of God.

Movie Theater

One of the wings of the Center will contain a theater, which will present faith based movies and documentaries on the lives of the Saints, Catechetical teachings, Marian apparitions and many other topics which will enhance people’s faith and provide good wholesome films that inform and nourish the soul.

Meeting Rooms

In addition to the lower level conference room in the Chapel, the Evangelization Center building will also have a large meeting room, which will be available to use for a wide variety of functions.

Gift Shop

The Center will provide a gift shop offering a variety of religious books and gift items, including books, videos, sacramentals, CDs, statues and other related items that will help people on their journey of faith.

Worldwide Pilgrimages

The Center will offer a worldwide pilgrimage service for people who may wish to go on a pilgrimage to various Basilicas, Marian shrines, and other places of interest in the Catholic Church around the world.

Promotion of Vocations

To encourage vocations to the priesthood and religious life, the Center will provide literature and information on various Orders within the Church. This is vital in helping men and women to be informed and open to discern if God is calling them to the religious life.

Through the information presented, and by God’s Grace, it is our prayer that the Marian Center for Christ may truly be a spring of renewal in which Our Lord can renew hearts and draw all people into His most Sacred Heart through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The Center will strive to be a beacon of light pointing to God’s Peace, Love and Mercy in a world that is more than ever, in so much need of God’s loving and abiding Presence.

All the teachings and views of the Center will be in strict accordance with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

Under Direction of the Church

The Marian Center for Christ is under the spiritual direction of Monsignor Hugh Marrren, Administrator at St Pius X in Conyers, GA and a prominent Priest in the Archdiocese of Atlanta.

In building the Marian Center for Christ our vision is long-term, focused not only on the initial building of the Center, but also to provide the means for it to continue for future generations while always maintaining the essence of the spirituality it is founded on. To help ensure this, the spiritual direction of the Center is currently, and will always remain, in the hands of the Church through its priestly representative.

It is our intention upon its completion, to have a religious Order take over this complex. The Order, which will be chosen by the Holy Spirit, will come only with the approval of our Archbishop. All of this will reinforce the long-term spiritual continuity of the Center by remaining obedient to the Church, thereby securing the foundation, spirituality, and success of the mission.


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