Building Phases

The completion and fulfillment of the Marian Center for Christ is comprised of 3 phases.

Phase 1 (Complete)
Obtaining Land, Zoning & Road Construction

The first phase entailed acquiring land to build the Marian Center for Christ. It was determined 5 – 7 acres would be required to do this project, but God blessed us with a beautiful 10 acre parcel of land in Conyers, Georgia, which was donated by a generous woman to the Mary Our Mother Foundation for the specific purpose of building the Center.

The land is already zoned for the construction of the Chapel and the Catholic Evangelization Center. In order to be able to build them, Rockdale County required a new cul-de-sac street to be constructed. This has been completed and the road was named “Abba Way,” which to us means, “The Way to the Father.” By God’s Providence the new street and the land are also located off of “Bethel” Road, which means “House of God.”

Phase 2 (Current Phase – To Be Completed)
Build the Chapel

The Chapel architectural design and layout will be done in a traditional Catholic setting in order to maintain the sense of the Sacred and Divine. The Chapel, being a sacred space, will be designed in a manner that will ensure its purpose of providing both a functional and spiritually rich experience. It will maintain and adhere to the liturgical spirit and norms of the Church.

The projected cost for the design, development and infrastructure phase in building the chapel is $220,000.

The total projected cost to build the chapel is $3.5 M.

Phase 3
Build the Catholic Evangelization Center
The final phase to be completed

Unlike the Tower of Babel, which focused on building a structure to try to reach up to God, the Marian Center for Christ symbolizes God coming down to us through the Incarnation of His Son. The building design is simple, reflecting and symbolizing the cross and the Eucharist, which are the source and heart of our faith. Open to people of all faiths it will present in a unique way a comprehensive overview of the Catholic faith.

The projected cost to build the Catholic Evangelization Center will be added at a later date.

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